Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something Completely Different: The Story of Adaven

Many years ago, I wrote a book for my then-young son, Hank (he's in his mid-20s now!). At the time I was going through a divorce and I missed him greatly. To help stay close to him I decided to write him a story, composing it during the week and reading whatever I had written the next time I saw him. Over time, the story grew into a book that featured a young boy named Hank who finds a mysterious golden flashlight that takes him to a magical land called Adaven (Nevada spelled backwards). There, Hank encounters a talking fly and the Tree Wizard, who tells him an amazing story in which he is (more or less) the main character and he has a duty to deliver the world's most delicious pie to another great wizard. Along the way, he is tempted, teased and tormented by a host of strange creatures all coveting his prize. Recently, I found the text of the book and decided to try turning it into an electronic book on Amazon's Kindle store. The book is now available for $1.99. It's clearly something far different from what I've posted on this blog but I hope those who decide to download it enjoy it.